"...As first time home buyers, Margaret went the extra mile to make us feel safe, heard, and special. Safe because no question was too ignorant, and no gut reaction of ours was received in a negative way. Heard because she took and weighed inputs from every stakeholder on our side equally (including my parents, who she handled with extreme patience and grace!), and special because she worked hard to accommodate our timelines and considerations without complaint, and without other clients’ details bleeding into our situation. Not once did we get our signals crossed. We also became friendly, sharing life updates and joys/grievances. She was in the trenches with us."


"... Margaret is not only a great realtor, but part teacher, mentor, therapist, and friend. I think first time home buyers really underestimate the amount of time they spend with their realtor and feeling comfortable is paramount. The home buying process can be extremely challenging and stressful, especially in the Bay Area (During a worldwide pandemic, no less!), nevertheless Margaret’s positive attitude and push to discard a scarcity mindset were invaluable...

Margaret was easy to talk to, knowledgeable and educational throughout the process, and always ready to explain things to us at a moment’s notice. She is incredibly well informed and experienced with the East Bay and relies on a mix of data, persistence, precision, and an understanding of her buyers’ needs to help them find the right home for them. She also recommended an amazing and well-known East Bay lender to us, which made a huge difference in the offer process for the home we ended up purchasing. "


"...In both, the process to buy and sell, Margaret’s expectation management was superb. In a market where the dynamics change rapidly, and in a way that feels like nonsensical sometimes, Margaret’s down to earth approach helped us navigate the processes without any surprises and, in both cases, exceeding expectations! Even in our most recent experience - when we were buying a home in Novato, Margaret went above and beyond and supplied us with information and support in ways that the team we were working with on the purchase was unable to.

We are 1000% sure that if we were to decide to return to the east bay, we would seek Margaret’s help in helping us acquire a new home, and eventually to sell it as well!"


"Hire Margaret. Right now.
We were green first time homebuyers, and she walked us through every step of the process with patience, humor, and experience. She understands the unique East Bay market, is knowledgeable about home construction (pointing out potential issues in home tours), and is strategic in offers, negotiating, and navigating escrow. But her most valuable quality is her honesty. She was straight with us the entire process (even in a difficult escrow with a challenging lender). Her positive mindset of abundance rather than fear or scarcity was INVALUABLE to me, particularly in stressful moments. There is not even a hint of salesmanship; working with her feels like consulting a good friend who always has your best interests in mind. I would be thrilled to work with her again... "


"As first time home buyers, it's fair to say that we were intimidated to jump into the competitive Bay Area real estate market as novices. While we didn't know much, one thing we did know was that a really good real estate agent makes a huge difference in the overall experience. For this reason, we interviewed 6 different agents to make sure we were making the right choice. Margaret was the last agent we spoke with, and she blew all of the others out of the water.

Right off the bat, we could tell that Margaret's authentic style and sense of humor clicked with us. But more than that, she started educating us on aspects of the home buying process that none of the other agents had.

Just 2 short months went by from when we first met Margaret to when we closed on the perfect home for our young family, which was also our first and only offer. Margaret was an integral part of the entire journey, from sending listings as soon as they were about to hit the market, to helping us find a great mortgage banker, to helping us navigate the offer writing process. Working with Margaret almost felt too easy.

There are so many wonderful things we could say about working with Margaret, but we really did appreciate her genuine, empathetic style and modern communication methods. We've thought of her as the "Millennial First Time Home Buyer Whisperer," but she would undoubtedly make any client happy."


"...Margaret was very patient with all my emails of interest that fizzled out after a week or so when the disclosures came in listing all the structural renovations required at many of the homes in our budget. Margaret made sure to keep us grounded while viewing homes, with the bottom dollar for renovations at the ready during our walk-through's. Any question that we had, Margaret was quick to respond by email or text (whichever platform conveyed the information best). Having Margaret representing us made our search process easy. We even pushed her out of the cities she normally works in and she was able to provide insightful information quickly.

As much as Margaret made the search, offer and closing process seamless, the best part was that we felt as if we were working with a long-time friend. The personal touch with all our interactions made us feel like we were her only clients, and we had complete faith in her throughout the process. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a real estate professional to represent them reach out to Margaret first!"