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About Oakland


Oakland, located along in the East Bay and just south of Berkeley, is a massive city - an urban cultural mecca that reaches from the coast all the way to the redwood studded hills. Within its city limits, Oakland has a myriad of different offerings to choose from. Oakland's nickname is The Town, and it has a special vibe all it's own. It's almost twice the size of San Francisco, and you can get from the ocean to a redwood forest in 20 minutes -- all while still staying within Oakland city limits.


Oakland's food scene is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the city. The flavors you will find truly reflect the diversity of the area. Chicken and waffles? Shrimp and grits? Carnitas burritos? A delicious Ethiopian platter, mouth watering Korean cuisine, or vegan soul food? Oakland has it all, and more!

Come downtown to check out the gorgeous Art Deco architecture, or explore Oakland's Chinatown -- one of the oldest and largest in the country. Visit Lake Merritt, located in the middle of downtown, and take a leisurely stroll around the lake. If you're looking for a colorful city existence, Oakland is where it's at.


Street art is ubiquitous, with over 600 murals adorning the town! When you need an escape from city life, you can pop on in to Oakland Redwood Regional Park or Joaquin Miller Park, two separate parks that connect together. Go on a hike through their massive network of hiking trails and admire the gorgeous scenery. Oakland offers a variety of unique experiences for everyone to enjoy.

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